A Place Further Than the Universe by Paul Jensen, Jan 17th 2018. Although the plot has nothing to do, the kind of humour is quite similar (crazy, but not absurd). Both shows involve a protagonist with a lofty goal, and the group of people she ropes in to help make the dream a reality. In case you missed it, reckless abandon is a popular theme here. Both are about reaching for a goal which first seems unreachable: turning around a school's concert band program to be the best in the country, and being part of an expedition to Antarctica. Animation is not bad, but sometimes there are errors in the animation. One makes you contemplate about the meaning of youth. Where the anime is about setting off on a journey to go somewhere important to them, they are both excellent and highly regarded anime. YoriMoi is adventure for Antarctic. Synopsis: Mari Tamaki is in her second year of high school and wants to start something. Our protagonist is a young girl who is desperate and determined to go dangerous journey into harsh environment in order to find her missing mother. Differences: Looked down upon and even mocked for wanting to do something different and unconventional, they do not hesitate and are excited. And somehow, the coloring on both shows looks rather the same. Done by the same animation studio and while that doesn't really mean much the two anime still share a lot of other common factors, such as the slice of life atmosphere and the theme about challenging yourself by following your dreams even when they seem impossible to others. It has it own shares of drama and comedy too. Both K-On! These two, both released in winter 2018, somehow make a perfect pair, and you need to watch them together. Made In Abyss has a dark tone, violence and some truly heart wrenching moments while A Place Further Than the Universe is lighthearted, more like a Slice of Life show like K-ON. Both are an EMOTIONAL ride from heartbreaking scenes to moments for tears of joy. Terms Do Not Sell My Personal Information The leading two girls, thoughtful, shy, and somewhat uptight hime-cut beauties Mio/Shirase and slightly clumsy, passionate, unconditionally positive brown-haired genki-girls Yui/Mari are twins separated at birth. Both have the MC exploring the world Space brothers also goes straight to the point but takes it time to get there. Both shows are premium diabetis material, Sora Yori's plot has a a little bit more action. Euphonium and A Place Further Than The Universe seem to be typical cute-girl slice-of-life shows on the surface, but in reality they are heart-felt coming of age stories that go well beyond slice of life anime (not that there is anything wrong with that genre). This will be fun. Very meaningful, has a lot of powerful tearjerking moments. Kimari and Yoshino in particular both yearn to do something meaningful with their lives, and gain a new perspective through making new friends and having new experiences. In Made in Abyss, there is this abyss of the unknown where it has 'layers' and each of the layers has its ecosystems, flora and fauna. Watch either if you are in a slump and need some encouragement. Madoka Magica. Yuru camp I consider it an improved version to sora yori mo tooi basho, the atmosphere, soundtrack characters just as good, these kinds of things that make you enjoy anime. Also, the comedy and drama overlapped in many ways. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Cute girls doing cute things. from nobody to closeness to each other. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Hanayamata and Sora Yori both have the same director, Atsuko Ishizuka, and have a similar aesthetic in terms of saturated pastel colors. What the hell is that? Both have beautiful art A girl who's passionate about what she's doing but also very nervous on stage. They also both feature absolutely gorgeous scenery. While on Araburu, every main character has their story. They want to prove the world around them wrong and show that a girl of their age can and will do something that the world said they couldn't. While these two anime are about two totally different things, they are also fundamentally very similar. Terms No religious undertones It is about the struggles they all have, both in the interactions with those around them, and within themselves. However, be aware that Hibike! Don't get me wrong here. In Hakumei to Mikochi is two girl and in Sora Yori it is four girls, but they all spend their time in ways that are meaningful to their life and both, I believe, are great iyashikei anime. The art is fantastic between the two series and they both feature new, blossoming friendships as well as famous locations from around Japan and the world. Filled with an overwhelming sense of wonder for the world around her, Mari Tamaki has always dreamt of what lies beyond the reaches of the universe. And I couldn't care less. Both are highly inspirational and endearing series. Similarities: 【MAD/AMV】宇宙よりも遠い場所×灰色と青【よりもい(A place further than the universe)】 - Duration: 5:40. Yama no Susume has the outdoors theme, cute girls and a theme of overcoming indecision/maturing as a person/seishun suru! Both display LOVE in a special way that make you cry. Both anime have likable characters that you will feel attached to. If you like this type of show, i'm sure you'll love both show. Both involves shoujo whom were out on a journey of discovery, both also have that discovery which would prove to be an uncertainty. Cute girls working together towards a goal. Episodes. The girls in both series have similar motivations - Both series best girls have something to prove. Both have a fair share of comedic moments and generally positive atmosphere but also get serious at times. Both will also inspire you with their relatable passion and likable characters. The characters are very charismatic and they have their own little trouble. Both series, taking place in a snow-covered enviornment, focus on a group of characters helping each other with their personal issues and traumas. Though the subject of each anime is completely different, they both are a tale of random people achieving great things, things they never dreamed of doing, things that inspire. Episode 1. 3 years ago Information. Rather than going to Antarctica, however, Noriko is training to be a mecha pilot in space. Refreshingly free of cliches, their vulnerabilities relatable and enthusiasm infectious, the characters really carry the show. Sense Of Deja Vu | A Place Further Than The Universe Episode 2 Reaction / Review (宇宙よりも遠い場所) - Duration: 33:02. Reddit's premier anime community. Both meanings speak to a place so divorced from the world it might as well not be a part of it, where an awe-inspiring hostility and beauty exist side by side, far … Even if that means throwing away everything that they do. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. We are going to Antarctica! Hanayamata is also a Madhouse anime like SoraYori and has the same vibe, it focuses a lot on friendship. It's an incredible ride of 99 (too few!) I did end up going back once or so and got really down by all the shouting. Both are slice of life shows that have concepts which implicitly relate to themes of existentialism. The type of the anime is the same.Also the main characters in the story will have their own problem.The event of viewing and solving problems are touching. They are both what I would call a true "adventure" anime. There's a ditsy girl who's looking for some sort of direction. Let's save our school by becoming idols! These are the two very unrealistic sounding goals that groups of high school girls from these two anime have. Shirase and Riko are both traveling to harsh lands to find their mothers and make friends and allies along the way. Both shows deal with girls traveling to an extreme environment. However, if you are captivated by unfamiliar, harsh landscapes and exploring the unknown then you will love both of these shows. And most important, they give you what you need: motivation. Not sure." The touching scene are very similar as well. with modernized production values. -moe moe kyun. K-On is not really about music, Sora Yori isn't really about Antarctica. Episode 19 - Passing the Night / Kyoto (Part 1) - Duration: 25:09. Lots of self exploration and finding oneself. As a big fan of K-ON!, I can vouch that Sora yori has a very similar feeling and vibe. While Hibike! ...read more, Dec 13, 2017 3:54 AM by tsubasalover | Discuss (8 comments), Cast and Additional Staff Members for Original Anime 'Sora yori mo Tooi Basho' Announced, The official website for the previously announced Sora yori mo Tooi Basho (instead of Uchuu Yori mo Tooi Basho as it was previously announced as) original anime has...read more, Nov 8, 2017 1:40 AM by tsubasalover | Discuss (21 comments), Original Anime 'Uchuu yori mo Tooi Basho' Announced, An original anime titled Uchuu yori mo Tooi Basho: A Story That Leads to Antarctica was announced by Kadokawa at its Anime Expo booth on Sunday. I highly recommend both! Looking for information on the anime Sora yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further Than The Universe)? MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. The Winter 2018 season was blessed with two anime that revolve around the theme of going outside. -Entertaining primarily due to character interactions (both comedic and dramatic) -yoramoi puts more of its focus on character relationships and their inner conflicts while yuru camp puts its focus on simply "cute girls doing cute things". Both are more plot driven "cute girl" shows. Both shows are very inspiring and refreshing and their passion of wanting to achieve their dreams would definitely make you want to do something great in your life too. Similarly inspiring tale that tells you to strive for your dreams, and that nothing is impossible. Characters have personalities similar to K-On and the humor is similar as well. The winners were selected by fans in magazine and online polls. 5. Both have very pretty and therapeutic visuals If the characters and their personal growth was the main draw of the series instead of the premise of an adventure, then Hibike! Shows with predominantly female casts in which the lead characters aspire to do something unusual or bold out of a desire to "shine" or stand out from the norm. Provided by . And again, another anime, where schoolgirls decided to go travelling somewhere. -Pretty similar with the exception of romance in SoBasho. Anime Drawing. Both series center around exciting adventures in the antarctic and both are very wholesome. The children work diligently together to achieve their ambitious goal. Both are great motivation to do something you've never done before and explore the world. Episode 13. Yorimoi's plot feels more like an adventure, but both say a lot about enjoying life, while also being cute and comfy. Anime where high school girls go on adventures. Advertising Similar though different animation styles that give off a softer feeling while watching even though the plot is quite adventurous. Antarctica…. It’s about them pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals. Ohana did not choose this journey like Kimari did, but they do both face it head on. 4. I'm quite puzzled that everyone is giving just default "cute" slices in recommendations. A girl who's really energetic with a bit of stubbornness. If you were captivated by the atmosphere and curiosity of exploring the vast unknown by one of these shows, then chances are you'd probably like the other. A fun and hilarious laid-back story filled with hilarious character interactions. FAQ Though Yorimoi tackles more about the adventure of the girls to Antarctica while K-on is about their friendship and bond as the Light Music Club of their High School. A Longing of being going into the unknown. Well, if you're looking for something that hits in the feels and inspires you into doing something you wouldn't usually do or changing your perception of the world a little bit, here is what's perfect for you. It’s not just about high schoolers traveling here and there. Press Room Layered characters. A lot of cute girls and also, in both anime, there are beautiful backgrounds. Ascending/Descending. A Place Further Than the Universe is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. Be active. While Sorayori tackles the feeling of feeling lost in life I don't think that it presents a (simple) philosophy as impactful as that which Tamayura ~hitotose~ radiates in every fiber of its existence. Both are slice-of-life shows involving similar themes of self-discovery and dealing with interpersonal relationships. They are a group of girls brought together each with their own reason for reaching the common goal and work together to achieve it despite the opposition they face on the way. Both anime follows a group of female protagonists coming of age stories eager to explore the unknown. You can learn about many things related to outdoor activities and how to handle some issues. This work really reminds me of Angel Beats! And they will surely keep making your face smile and your heart warm until the very end. They are both character driven, and mainly girls in the cast. That is what the 2 anime share. To which I replied with a promotional picture of Tamayura. the girls from both series go on a lifechanging trip The shows give off the same good vibes that make you want to go and do something with your life. Privacy It's like a push in the back that just fills you up with motivation. They both have a sense of adventure (though Sora yori more so) and and have theme of youthful hope and achievement. Watch them both. And most of all, both shows have similar charm and a wonderful sense of humor that pervades everything. Both have great drama, good comedies, Realistic Main Characters, and the storyline that become more interesting the more u watch it In A Place Further than the universe, there is a sense of gratification when they reach Antarctica which cannot be explained with words. Both have a very similar underlying plot laced in Dr Stone ep 17 and Sora Yori ep 12. -Characters are consistently well-animated and move in ways that emphasize their personality traits, To put it simply, both are show which tells the journey to achieve dream / ambition of main charas and how they overcome the problems that prevent they to achieve what they want (Moritaka and Takagi a.k.a Ashirogi Muto in Bakuman. High school student Kimari feels life is passing her by somewhat and yearns to go on an adventure. Both have excellent characterisation, proportionate to their length and purpose. Though more ambitious and less pragmatic with high school girls at the helm, it places more emphasis on the journey itself rather than the destination. Where Violet Evergarden focuses on Violet's sad journey to learn empathy, A Place Further Than The Universe focuses a little more on the heartwarming aspect of our four characters' journey towards their respective goals. 13. Sitemap. They enhance emotional scenes superbly. -Made in Abyss is an exploration within an unknown world in the center of the earth with many strange creatures and side effects on the human body as the depth increases as Sora Yori is about an exploration in the coldest place on the Planet and how the journey is made to Antarctica (very interesting). Hanayamata actually has the better animation and direction of the two whilst Sora Yori has the tighter, more relatable story that reaches the heart. these are some of the most motivating shows I've seen. Both series focus on themes of family, friendship, and finding the joy in our lives. A place further than the Universe is a small those of what you experience in the 99 episodes of Space Brothers. Rank #10,976 Mari Tamaki is in her second year of high school and wants to start something. No romance Both are about a journey and exploration; Sora Yori explores the real world as tourists, while Somali explores its own version of Wonderland Love Live! 2. If you enjoy moe type animes like this one, you would surely enjoy a bunch of moe anime girls with instruments. Jun 12, 2018 - Looking for information on the anime or manga character Shirase Kobuchizawa? The four main girls are much like the four main girls of K-On! About This anime teaches you how to deal with loss. Both showcase an adventure, The characters are pretty much copied and pasted. Be wary though, that Made in Abyss is darker, In every episode, the feeling of emptiness grows bigger since in both animes the MC travels beyond "possible" seeking for her mother. In A Place Further than the universe, they are going to Antarctica, which is not where casual travellers would go to. Overall, A Place Further Than The Universe is a coming-of-age story where everything just seems to come together so nicely. the friendship between main girls is also formed on the go Same basic CGDCT formula, but yorimoi hits faster and sadder in my opinion. Both stories about a group of girls in high school who work together to achieve a goal. They are about a journey of a lifetime. -both have REALLY good art and OSTs While Araburu explores more sexual themes, the comedy and tone of each series is very similar. Each year, April Fools' Day gives a chance for creators in the anime, manga, and games industry to showcase their creativity. Same initial setting, character interactions, and personalty traits. Also it has more of a focus on cooking. Vice versa. Not saying it's a bad thing by any means cause if you enjoyed one you'll probably enjoy the other. Both of these series involve four ordinary girls going on an adventure/quest together. Very motivating and feel-good. Similar comedy Both have fun character dynamics and generally positive atmosphere with plenty of comedic moments but also get more serious and dramatic at times. NNB goes to okinawa While the characters in K-On are certainly less focused on a specific goal, both series show character development, growth, and meaningful/believable relationships between them. The story is also based on group of girls working together towards the same goal. The official website for the A Place Further Than the Universe (Sora Yorimo Tōi Basho) television anime revealed on Tuesday the details for the anime's home video release in … Music score is fantastic and feels are there. The main casts of Sakura Quest and Yorimoi are similar in that they are young women who meet and quickly bond by working together and overcoming hardships. Hibike! Conclusion: if you like the feel of well concluded story combined with awesome art, this is the anime for you. Adventure- A Longing of being going into the unknown. Both have the chill and relax vibe These yearnings (whether the characters realize them or not) hit close-to-home for me, and they are some of the most inspiring stories I've seen, so I'd highly recommend both of these shows. Shop now! They give you a really warm-hearted adventure with struggles along the way. If you like Yorimoi, I strongly recommend you to watch Love Live Sunshine and vice versa. If you liked either of these series, you are very likely to enjoy the other as well. or even music Both have pretenses as simple CGDCT anime but that hides some fairly heavy character drama with episodes allocated to each character's own drama. -comedic moments take risks and not to waste your youth. A Place Further Than The Universe. The sweetness of sharing emotions and having fun together! They show the struggles that come with trying something and the rewards for doing so. Friendship is more present than ever as Ohana and Kimari absolutely have to not only make and keep these new friends but rely on them heavily. 2.0m members in the anime community. Needless to say both show's main casts are a bunch of cuties! Diligent Girls Doing Diligent Things! The exciting and hilarious Gintama anime concludes on the Silver Soul Arc, where our heroes must overcome Utsuro's plan… friendship, warmness, -similar character personalities And they’re both amazing. 10/10 must-watch, as recommend by me. Eizouken is making of anime. Similar storytelling 2017 - 2018 . Episode 11. In Made in Abyss, There is the mystery surrounding the layers and what they are. The animation is flawless, and it has the ability to move the viewer's kokoro :). Characters in both shows are not cardboard cutouts, but well developed and nuanced enough to feel real. Episode 13. Both have great adventure-themed plots, packed with good comedy, exceptional art, and great animation. In Made in Abyss, there is this abyss of the unknown where it has 'layers' and each of the layers has its ecosystems, flora and fauna. Although used in very different ways it is a big part of both. An all-girl cast of quirky and unique characters with a similar premise of finding something to be passionate about and making friends. Both shows feel optimistic, but Space Brothers is much more realistic than A Place Farther Than The Universe. Two groups of high school girl who are working together to achieve their goal despite. If you like Violet Evergarden, you will like A Place Further Than the Universe and vice versa. Sitemap. The series is girl dominant, Similar in themes of friendship and character interactions. Both have good comedy. One has a tough and deep storyline, and can even make you sob at the end of every episode. group of girls who are amazing friends and do hilarious things together. The characters are different in the way that one are 16-year-old high school girls and the other are 30+ years old adults. Gunbuster deals with more adult themes, but the two shows seem very spiritually connected. Both have the MC wanting to achieve something All in all, Yorimoi is a more adventurous and dramatic version of K-On, or, K-On is a more slice-of-life and laid back version of Yorimoi. I would highly recommend this for those who are new to watching anime or for the people love to watch Slice of Life anime! -Both have happy moments, as well as moments that'll make you angry/sad. 19 images of the A Place Further Than the Universe cast of characters. Both shows feature a group of girls who strive to achieve something grandiose. Similar moods, good character chemistry, and both are generally quite jolly with a sprinkling of sadness. What it lacks in realism it makes up with heart - and a glimpse of the icy expanses never before seen in anime! This post will ...read more, Dec 15, 2017 1:58 PM by Snow | Discuss (59 comments), Additional Cast Members for 'Sora yori mo Tooi Basho' Anime Announced, A YouTube livestream for Sora yori mo Toori Basho TV anime held on Wednesday has announced additional cast members for the series. Very similar unique charms for the main characters. The protagonists in both shows experienced being underestimated and challenged before they are able to set out on their journey. Group of friends, outdoors, comedy and adventures, very similar both anime but with different atmosphere. do something remarkable, change your lifestyle, and enjoy your youth - "seishun suru". should also resonate. And just like. "I think trying to avoid social media for some week, -A group of girls who are highly motivated and strive to accomplish their dreams They both leave you with a feeling of wanderlust, and a desire to better yourself. Although the overall narrative is very different, both works involve young people setting out on an adventure to a distant place, during which they face challenges that help reaffirm their core values. Privacy Settings Finally, the enjoyment I feel with both shows is 100/10. So if you liked. Character interaction and motivation, and expressiveness of the story of Love Live Sunshine are really similar with Sora yori mo tooi basho. 's spirit. Both shows are great for anyone looking for an uplifting and encouraging watch. An urge to go outside, Both are "moe" anime and have a fluffy atmosphere. Portrayed are the hopes, difficulties and self-doubts which are encountered every step of the way. Both are slice of life shows with well developed, realistic characters, and both involve friendship helping to deal with the loss of a loved one. Obviously my statements here are pretty vague but once you think about it you can't "unthink" it. It clones the K-On formula down to the level of cast, supporting cast, humor, and pacing, and it does so really well! If you're interested about their journey, all of their struggles, their endeavor to make sure their dreams be achieved, I recommend it. Intersoc with 5 other societies Amazon Giftcards to be won Fun to be had What's not to love? Nadeshiko really has no idea what she is getting into and the same goes for Kimari. But what's truly impressive is the anime's astonishingly realistic and painstaking display of astronaut training, as well as the. (Space Brothers, in particular, excels at this despite juggling quite a large cast.) They are both great coming-of-age dramas with a tangible focus on finding new adventure in the world and within yourself as well as putting an emphasis on the value of friendship and doing things together. A Place Further than the Universe has one of those rare plots that strikes a balance between believable and extraordinary. Read reviews (page 2) on the anime Sora yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further Than The Universe) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. These shows are both about people trying to get to a specific destination (the moon and antarctica). The other just calms you down with good laughters. less messing around like there is in K-on. There's an even higher chance if you enjoyed either show for the following reasons: its cast, themes, comedy, and drama. While Ohana was not looking for them necessarily, both girls harness their inner energy and cheerfulness to try and tackle the daunting tasks in front of them. Both anime focus on friendship and journey of the characters who gathered together to reach their goal despite the opposition they might face. Musings of MavRi 481 views map. The main characters in both shows are people who are underestimated by other classmates . The stories are similar in the way that the cast is trying to fulfill a dream or escaping from the monotony of life (Getting the most out their lives will summarize it). But these shows are more than "cute girls doing cute things" - they inspire an appreciation for everyday life and a desire to try new things. Episode 12. Euphonium and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho both focus on a group's dreams to achieve something big together. Free shipping on qualifying orders and products. And, you might ask, in what way is it similar to Violet Evergarden ? Both series are coming of age tales concerning a small group of feminine protagonists. Explore. Both casts of characters try to achieve the "impossible" and reach that goal together. Because that principale shows in Sora yori mo Tooi Basho and it shows really well. You like cute girls? If that makes sense? Sorayori is more melancholic and less fluffy (mono no aware). Both shows feature almost completely female casts who fight against all odds to achieve their dream. Tags: a place further than the universe, adventure, uchuu yori mo tooi basho, sora yori mo tooi basho, yorimoi, crunchyroll co-production, slice of life, shoujo, seinen, Forum Popular Shows Yuru Camp△'s story is more laid-back (pun intended) and cheerful, and Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho is a tad more serious. Nichijou. Not similar in regards to: The way the relationship between the characters is built is very similar. Nevertheless, I have friends and family who will only watch a dub, and this is a series I would love to share with them, … In contrast, yuru camp I consider better focused on his genre, accounts of life and a touch of "adventures", among many quotes, taking out the drama, detail that I did not like to see in sora yori, because I saw it unnecessary and I gave more importance to that than to the adventure genre itself, which unlike yuru camp shows us in an incredible way the different landscapes of the anime. Brave Girls Doing Brave Things! The music and production values for both is great as well! Good episode, it definitely sets up for the main journey to Antarctica and I feel like it's going to be about more than just a journey. Both shows have their distinct, recognizeable moe art styles and stand out with animation quality near movie smoothness. Subscribe. - the character relationships and characters themselves are less deep or complex but it's very enjoyable. The series will cent...read more, Jul 2, 2017 6:47 PM by Vindstot | Discuss (16 comments), About A girl who wants to achieve her dream despite of being disparaged, that's the main concept of both shows. Same studio and director so they have similar vibes. New age is waiting for them. They are about the main characters discovering who they are and what they want to do in this world. I wonder why this show is not so talked often? However, as I said, A place further than the universe is only 13 episodes and it goes straight to the point.