Flexible Security Solutions

From secured access control and reception to foot patrol of building and construction sites to an entire team of security officers, I Am Security will be there for you. Providing an efficient, reliable, and well-trained force, you can depend on I Am Security to deliver the protection your business requires. Every job is planned in advance and continuosly reviewed.




Peace of mind is priceless. We give it to you at a price you can afford.

There is nothing like the peace of mind that you get when you are protected by I Am Security. Your home, your family, your business, the safety and security of your employees and your financial liability are just some of the areas that will benefit from the services we provide. Get in touch with us and start focusing on your business without the security headaches of today's environment.

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We carefully analize every site and evaluate any weak points. We then customize and deliver a comprehensive solution that secures your facility as well as the entire perimeter. Nothing is left to chance.

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Deployment

Armed & Unarmed Security

Depending on your needs, we provide licensed armed or unarmed guards to secure your facility.

Residential Security

I Am Security will monitor and protect your home or business around the clock!

Retail/Warehouse Security

Whether it is video monitoring or uniformed guard patrols, I Am Security got you covered with a comprehensive approach combining the latest technology and expertise. 

Mobile Patrol

Our uniformed security staff will patrol your home or business around the clock to ensure your property perimeter is secured.


I Am Security has the right type of staff to provide concierge security tailored to your needs.

Special Event Security

Any type of event today requires some level of security to safeguard against the unexpected. You can count on I Am Security to provide trained staff to secure your next event in a courteous and assertive way.

Construction Sites

Get our site security for your project so you can focus on a successful finish within budget.

Security Systems

We provide a variety of options to best suit your security needs, from camera monitoring to alarms and detection devices that are simple to manage and upkeep.

Fire Watch Services

Our guards will familiarize themselves with your facility and continuously patrol the entire premises for the purpose of detecting fires and transmitting an immediate alarm to the Fire department and the building occupants.


The team assigned to each job reviews the plan and prepares accordingly. By the time they arrive on site, they are familiar with the facility and surrounding area. Action plan is executed as planned.

  • Staff Readiness
  • Area survey
  • Equipment Readiness
  • Command and Control

We carefully plan and prepare for every job. No job is too big or too small for us

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Staff arrives on time, meets and communicates with client and command & control center. Debriefing and relay take place according to plan.

  • Site deployment
  • Coordination
  • Team relay
  • Plan execution