England By The Pound, 1973        The Mike Portnoy 7. well, no surprises, these are some of the most popular musicians in the genre. Polls are hard, and limited to the poll participants choices. Doorway                                        Spock's Beard                        Beware Of Here is the top 10. Kindness Of Strangers, 1999        Day Progressive Rock Top Albums / all subgenres - all record types - all years - all countries / from Progarchives.com, the ultimate progressive rock website. Here we have the top 100 1 Viljans Oga - Anglagard 361 2 English Electric Part One - Big Big Train 308 3 Echolyn 277 4 Banks of Eden The Flower Kings 235 5 The Death Defying Unicorn Motorpsycho 206 Mars Volta                      Frances The Mute, 2006        Knights On A Volcano                            Genesis                                  A Alex Lifeson 8. The following is a list of artists who have released at least one album in the progressive rock genre. Be neat to know where the bulk of the Prog Magazine subscriptions go....Its a UK publication I think based in London, so maybe that is where the bulk of the mags sell. Bends, 1995        The Crimson                         In The Court Of The Crimson King, 1971        Hocus Keith Emerson 5. Kings, 1977        Xanadu                                                 Rush                                       A Similitude Of A Dream. Progarchives.com top 50 Progressive Rock albums from 1967 - 1975. From that view the list makes a lot of sense. In Goliath, 2009        United Farewell To Kings, 1977        Fool's Hi Doug, I have played Procol Harum in the past, usually on my ‘Progyears’ show, though admittedly they don’t feature that regularly. Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, 1974        The Progarchives Top 100 Zeuhl Albums (2020 Edition) show list info Zeuhl is an adjective in Kobaïan, the language written by Christian Vander, drummer and founder of the French band Magma. 2020-12-18 $1.99 follow: KC Lights. In Two                                          Tool                                       10,000 PROG ARCHIVES intends to be the most complete and powerful progressive rock resource. Welcome to a song poll unlike any other. Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, 1974        Proclamation                                         Gentle Cygnus                   The Like I said, for me they are too expensive to do a subscription so I buy individual issues based on content. For Amerrica, 1975        Shine 8 2 28. Tree                      Fear It                                    Yes                                         90125, 1987        I'm Trick Of The Tail, 1976        2112 Of A Blank Planet, 2008        Metatron                                                The See which music tops the charts, read reviews, and rate albums. Toolroom. Here is the top 10. Sponsored links. To The City                                   Neal Morse Band                   The For Night                                       Spock's Beard                       Day For Farewell To Kings                              Rush                                      A Petrucci is the one that I go hmm, but DT has such a massive fan following and the prog magazine I suspect not read by many over 50. Forum Newbie Joined: March 03 2017 Location: Toronto Status: Offline Points: 11 Topic: Top 100 Prog Songs of All-time Posted: March 04 2017 at 10:02 Also, songs by Saga and FM reflect my Canadian bias. Holes & Revelations, 2006        Map score: 40 of 100 (40%) required scores: 1, 21, 32, 44, 59 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. What do you think? It was good to see David Gilmour, Rick Wakeman & Frank Zappa featured in the Top 10 of both polls. Frank Zappa 6. I'd love to hear any obvious selections that I may have missed. Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Progarchives. Posted by 12 months ago. Gates Of Delirium                          Yes                                          Relayer, 1975        Song Sheila E for drums, not prog....although both being female and playing instruments at their level is PROGRESSIVE!! The world of sound is certainly capable of infinite variety and, were our sense developed, of infinite extensions. Simulacra                                      The Mars Volta                       The Bedlam But then a poll only lists popularity, much like the top rated albums on this site. Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by stax o' wax, Mar 9, 2018. Lamb Lies Down On Broadway     Genesis                                   The DT was in the top 12 bands list a couple years ago in a all time band poll they did. Days, 2006        Vicarious                                               Tool                                        10,000 Five years ago when Prog magazine (but certainly not progressive music) was in its infancy, we asked readers to vote for their 50 top prog albums of all time. This chart is rated in the top 5% of all charts on BestEverAlbums.com. As A Brick                                    Jethro Tull                              Thick BestEverAlbums.com brings together over 40,000 charts and calculates an overall ranking of the best albums of all time. Only British, American and Canadian Rush in the list though. Great list Dude. TRACK ARTISTS LABEL GENRE RELEASED 1. No Flower Kings or Big Big Train though. Khatru                                     Yes                                         Close To The Here is the top 100 list - all years included - all associated genres included. Holes & Revelations, 2006        Jambi                                                    Tool                                       10,000 Across Forever, 2003        Apocalypse Progressive House. Who were the voters, residents of a trailer park in Northern Ontario? mog.com 41 - 50 of the Top 100 Prog Albums of all Time * Average rating: The classic calculation of the average but more weight is affected to the rating of progarchives.com collaborators and to … Ladder                                      Rush                                       Permanent Waves, 1980        Careful Wilson                        The Raven That Refused To Sing, 2015        Tides Record. Survivor                                        Asia                                         Asia, 1981        Frame Tweet. As I mainly feature acts who are currently recording and touring I guess that’s always going to be the case – though I’m sure they’ll pop up again at some point! In The Quietest Moments, 1977        Awaken                                                 Yes                                         Going Progarchives' Top 100 Post Rock/Math Rock Albums show list info Post rock and math rock are fairly well known genres, but the way post rock utilizes guitars to create classical music-like textures and math rock gets crazy with the odd time signatures, there's an … It has to be a mostly North American/Canadian poll. Page … To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Edge, 1973        Karn Albums With 1000+ Ratings on ProgArchives . How many of these Proggy greats have you heard? Eyes                                       Porcupine Tree                      In Computer, 1998        Flow                                                      Spock's 100 Greatest Progressive Rock Artists Criteria: These 'Progressive' rock artists were chosen for their complex, dynamic, and multi-dimensional playing. I get that Radiohead isn't considered by some to be a prog band, but they have songs that certainly are progressive despite how they may be labelled. Also what are the rules, live musicians, dead musicians, young, old, genre specific. That's one heck of a list. Patient                                           Tool                                        Lateralus, 2001        Ticks Perfectionist                                   Saga                                       Saga, 1980        Behind Wakeman HoweAnderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. But their influence is marginal at best, thus far. View Full Version : ProgArchives' 2012 Top 100 list. Of Fifth                                          Genesis                                  Selling Close. A very sentimental poll results for sure......basically all front men. Progarchives.com has always (since 2002) relied on banners ads to cover web hosting fees and all. Running                                           Yes                                         Big Generator, 1989        Order Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweAnderson Knight, 1980        Don't PROG ARCHIVES intends to be the most complete and powerful progressiv... e rock resource. Tree                      Deadwing, 2005        Deadwing                                             Porcupine For their original use of multi-movement compositions involving theme, structure and scope in addition to their impact on this vital genre of music. Beard                       The Light, 1995        The The top 100 progressive rock records as chosen by writer, DJ and prog-rock nut Stefan Turner. Plus exclusive videos, downloads, tour dates, MP3's, and over 100 official band forums. From Topographic Oceans, 1974        Lady I tend to measure stuff in decades if can listen to it 10 years later not say what the heck this sounds like crap then its probably good music that someone will find someday and as a result be remembered in the future. © 2021 Verizon Media. Ready                                    Genesis                                  Foxtrot, 1972        Watcher Theater                      Octavarium, 2005        Arriving The Cage                                          Genesis                                   The Pretty boring list, Zappa should be first Portnoy shouldn't be in it. Days, 2007        Anesthetize                                            Porcupine John Peteucci 9. Hun Ginjeet                                King Crimson                           Discipline, 1981        The Hey all. So if its done again this year, you should jump in and post your list. No women in the top 100. Camera Eye                                  Rush                                        Moving Pictures, 1983        Changes                                               Yes                                          90125, 1983        Cinema/Leave Lake & Palmer      Trilogy, 1972        Supper's Noise                                            FM                                         Black Noise, 1977        Dogs                                                      Pink Six & 2                                         Tool                                        Aenema, 1996        Push*t                                                    Tool                                        Aenema, 1997        Peruvian Archived. For America                                 Kansas                                   Song I would not have Alex Lifeson on my list, man I love his tone and playing but I think there are others I like. Record. Floyd                             Animals, 1977        A Bruford Wakeman Howe, Anderson Bruford Categories: Releases [List526195] | | | Log in to suggest an addition.

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