Please pray for my baby for tomorrow When a dog has extra dewclaws in addition to the usual one on each front leg, the dog is said to be double dewclawed. 1. (I am not a vet, I am just relating experience from my journey and helping others on Unfortunately while at the vet hospital they hand fed him so when he first got home we had to hand feed. The news totally blew us away. Maybe if the pin was shorter –the results would have been different. The first few days were a little rough on Sasha, she moved around find, but she was in quite a bit of pain. The two main possible causes of your dog limping their back leg are: The rupturing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Unfortunately we do not have the option to take off a bunch of extra time from work and I wouldn’t feel very good knowing she is at home by herself in case something were to go wrong. One vigorously defends the “need” to remove the dewclaws. 52082 Views. According to veterinarian Chris Zink, when a dog canters, there's a moment during which the carpal pad of the front leg touches the ground. On some dogs, the dewclaw is firmly attached to the bone. God Bless all our dear animal friends. The biopsy is next week so we are preparing for the worst. We would recommend reaching out to the people at The dewclaw is considered a vestigial digit, similar to the coccyx (tailbone) on humans. My whole freezer is loaded with frozen meats now just 4 him. I will note that on older dogs recover is a bit slower as the body is after all older… one leg must do the work of two. I am worried that pinning the leg may cause weeks of recovery and misery for the dog who still wants to do what he has always done. Thanks. He is over 160lbs with most of his weight in the front. Patti. This worked very well and once he knew I was not being overly nurse-like, he started showing signs of his pre-op character. I just wanted to say thank-you from the bottom of my heart. If you’re still struggling, reach out on the forums at The other is equally passionate about leaving the dog intact. In the long run it was the right choice and I wouldn’t change my decision for the world. Dear Heather. We had just adopted her 1 week before this happened, and it is draining the account, but we are diligent in doing what is best. Saying don’t waste money on a dog. Please send good thoughts out for my sweet girl. Isn’t the adjustable wheelchair company “Walkin’ Wheels” a brand that is great for any size, breed and weight of the animal who has an amputated limb? Hi Polly- I just had to step back and watch him learn how to navigate on three legs. She is a tall, rangy, graceful, sweet, gentle and goofy creature. They’ll have a different walk, but the same zest for life, even more if there was pain in the limb that was amputated. They didn’t seem to understand that he was recovering from anything at all. ... His muscles are too weak to respond to the nerve messages. It’s been a long time since Calamity’s amputation & she is getting older & slowing down now, but I can say if faced with the option for amputation on any dog in the future, I would push forward without a moments hesitation! The husky was always killing smaller animals and getting into things she shouldn’t so I think it was a personality/behavioral issue with her. He does incredibly well and wants to play, but doesn’t understand his limits. I encourage you to reach out to the Tripawds community. I have a 4 year old Olde English Bulldogge who tore her ACL (hind leg). I know dogs are different, but I can’t help but think that she won’t like me much for doing this to her. Hi! For the last 6 months he has not been able to get around at all & has had to wear a diaper which is hard to keep on him as he does scoot around a little. First, take a deep breath. I can’t tell you how many nights after his surgery where Barret would whimper and cry out and I would just sit and cry right along with him because there was nothing I could do to help him. This client was in their 50’s when I met them, but they had the physical capability of an 80 year old. 3. My last post about Barret’s surgery I covered some of the products that were helping us through the recovery stage. They host a great community of dog owners that have experience with your situation. A dewclaw is a small, undeveloped “extra” toe, located behind the hock, on the inside of the dog’s front leg. Have no fear, some dogs have dewclaws on their rear feet or even double dewclaws. Your article really helped me emotionally. Good luck with everything! It’s so true that we feel the pain and trauma more so but its the small things that hit hard. I’m praying we have done the right thing and that she will start to bounce back. Everything will be OK! Do you feel amputation was worth it? But it’s OK – she has 3 more! Her surgery was Wednesday and she is still in hospital tonight. July 5, 2013 Leg didn’t look right & was just dangling. Coronavirus and dogs: Can canines get COVID-19? You’ll be truly amazed and inspired by how animals can handle just about anything you throw at them and will make you want to be more like your dog. Oscar was diagnosed with spindle cell carcinoma in the right paw and after one surgery to remove the tumor it grew back quickly. But will be better after its removed..he get winded when he goes up his ramp alone after walking through the yard. As far as #5.. I have a 18 month old boxer with a lot of spirit, unfortunately Daisy was hit by a car recently and we were wondering if you would recommend breeding her …, Daisy is having her hind leg amputated .. curious if 3 legs will support the weight of puppies. we have been going thru a week of hell. Once I learned not to jump at every noise or move he made (and to leave him alone for a little while) recovery seemed to smooth out. As well as the claws that your dog has on the toes on their feet, most dogs also have a second pair of claws too – the dewclaws, which appear partway up the inside of your dog’s front legs. On #4, we had an interesting experience. a Beauceron for sheep herding and for navigating snowy terrain. It’s true that a wheelchair would be beneficial to dogs, cats, goats, etc if they are older and becoming less and less mobile, but as Heather points out a tripawd isn’t a crutch. Needless to say that was the first and last time I saw that happen and I didnt allow it to happen after that. I’m heartbroken for her to say the least. after much research and debate with my husband who wanted the amputation, I thought it was more of our ego trying to hold on to out dear love Oscar.. It developed a serious infection and the vet has had her all week and says it’s not getting better. Let me add my husband and I have owned more dogs than most . The point is if you limit what someone (or something) is fully capable of doing, they lose their sense of being. Yes, I can actually relate to your situation 100%. Whether to leave or remove your dog’s dewclaws is a personal choice. He yelps and hollers when others come near him. We got our Beau home after his amputation surgery yesterday. We were not expecting anything like that. He does have an appetite, but when he eats he cries in pain. It took almost 10 days to get Barret’s pain meds at the right levels where he was properly medicated. But it crucial to take care of them because they may overdo or put extra stress on their remaining limps that can lead to injuries and arthritis.. My 4 month old retriever mix was hit by a car Sunday and had to have her left leg amputated at the hip because it was too severe to know for certain pinning it would help and it was far too expensive to chance. Causes of a back leg weakness can include: Are your dog’s back legs weak? FALSE! the vet has advised me to go for removing the femoral head (which I think sounds horrific) […], Dogs want to escape for a variety of reasons including finding the perfect spot to poop or chasing the neighbor's cat. But I am rambling and it’s time to go. My new friends over at have shown me that big dogs can do as well as small dogs as tripods. She didn’t know what it was, so the picture was sent off. I strive to provide the best home I can for my little terrors, and you’ll read all about our trials and tribulations as I continue down the rewarding yet rocky road of pet parenthood. He just had his back left leg amputated up to the hip on Friday. […], There’s no known cause of canine pancreatitis. My husband is against it but the vet says larger dogs do well with three legs. This tumor grew to 17.5 inches around . Ready to go back to work? I just received word that her right front leg is too complex to fix and will need amputated. Denise, You’re not alone Nicola. My dog has lost use of his back leg. I appreciate it massively . Hi. Anyway, although I can’t generalize #4, I will say my dog has on occasion been picked on by other dogs but all those dogs had very dominant personalities. I would hate it if she lost that. The extra pad on the back of a dog's front leg is known as the carpal pad. After my own major surgery, I know her cries were just because she moved this way or that way a little to fast, or turned a little wrong, it’s all in the healing process. Even if we have her leg amputated how long will we get out of her? Here's what you can do to treat and prevent them, and help manage pain. My little boy was needing pill after pill to subside the pain. Hello to all, we are two weeks post op on our 13 year old daushound pincher mix. Help with “Bathroom” question after amputation. I am so glad I found this website and all of its terrific information and encouragement. Barret continues to amaze me. The vet bill alone for testing was 700+. So, I’ve gone with amputation, and it’s scheduled for tomorrow morning. Check it out to learn how Sasha is doing now , Thanks for commenting, Liliana. So thank-you!! Felines have 18 toes in all: four toes on each paw plus a dewclaw on each front paw. The only option available that would save his life was to amputate his front left leg. or the final option of amputation. Dog health: Should you dock your dog's tail. I wish you luck. which the vet said was not healing after 3 months . Good luck and welcome to the Tripawds family . I’m so sorry you are facing this decision. Use these tips to watch for seven common dog health…, To help keep your dog healthy, monitor his weight and…, Docked tail: Originally removed on working dogs to prevent injuries.…, Dog ear cropping involves cutting and shaping the ears to…, Filed Under: Dog Health, Home Page Tagged With: dewclaw, Puppy training 101: 7 tips to start your dog off right. My dog is a Great Pyrenees and he has the extra toes on his back legs, on the left back leg his extra toe nail has grown in a circle and is going into the paw area, and is now making it bleed, I want … read more It’s great to hear it helped! The fact remains that most tripawds don’t need assistance in that sense. But after speaking to the vet we opted to go for it. Most dogs have four nails on each rear foot and five on their front feet. I think that Barret is even better than he was before surgery. She has no idea of the impact of her size. […], Looking for a healthier food option for your furry friend? Hope everything goes well with your pup! I am sorry to hear about Brian’s pain. I decided to amputate my 13 year old pomeranians right front leg after consulting with my vet.I had tried surgery to remove the mass as well as chemo and radiation but the cancer was very aggressive and he was in pain even with medication.He had the surgery in July and I have to say some days are better then others.He doesn’t really attempt to walk a lot so I bought him a stroller and we go on walks.I know his rear legs are over compensating for his lost leg so he has started having problems with his knees.He is still full of life and I don’t regret my decision but it is like having a puppy again that is totally dependent on you and its hard to leave the house for any length of time.Im glad I could read others stories they helped me tremendously. My concern about the chemo was that it may not have worked and simply delayed the inevitable amputation, wouldn’t alleviate the pain of the tumour, and would make him feel ill from the chemo drugs. My other Dane is a 160 lb. It can feel like a stick-like growth on a dog's tail. My dog Brian has been limping for some months. -Lisa, Delilh’s mommy. He still tries to jump up on the couch and HATES being confined in his cage. He had his leg amputated at 4 months old due to a dog fight. You just have to think: your dog is most likely in more pain right now from an injury or cancer than he or she will be post-amputation. I miss her everyday. Two weeks ago he under went an amputation . Have you talked to your vet? Becoming a Tripawd– The Truth About Leg Amputation in Dogs, What’s Going on at That Fish Place? It is dewclaws uncommonly found on the hind legs of some dogs. An Evolutionary Throwback Dogs normally considered to be "flock guardians" present an extra hind toe or dewclaw most frequently. But I think even if you have a 4 legged dog you should monitor them anyway when playing with other dogs. I’m still so worried about him and when I overthink it I tear up (not great if I’m at work). I’m sure you miss her dearly. We had a cat in the family that had 3 legs following an accident of some kind (he was adopted with 3 legs) and I’ve met several cats  who have lost a limb later in life only to rebound amazingly. I would really hate to have her leg amputated and then find out in 6 months that we will have to put her down… Does she need constant care after surgery or what type of recovery time is typical? Time is a great healer and we will adjust but nonetheless it is still heart breaking. Remy normally can’t control his licker, meaning if his tail is wagging his tongue is kissing someone. The reasons behind a weakness in your dog’s back legs can vary. I can’t speak to canine chemotherapy, but the folks over at are a great resource. I compared xrays online to his and they seemed different just by shape and location ..the cancer is in like a Starburst pattern and more solid oval or roundish shaped but what he has seems like fluid all over the place in his muscles to the skin and now edema down his leg since he was at the vets & he does have an infection and fever. Give the pet a couple weeks of having their space and leaving them to heal is probably the best way to handle all of this that is so emotional to us humans! Once I learned to let go a little and that he will heal in time, things got much easier. I hovered over Barret at home for almost a week after surgery before I realized that the more I hovered, the worse he seemed. The vet says she is doing great, has been up and walking fairly stably since Sat. After reading all the comments, my heart is heavy. Initially he responded well to pain meds and the first x-rays didn’t show anything of note. — August 2020 Edition. But he has been at home over the weekend with a lot of padding and plaster while he waits for the op. Have faith, give Brian lots of love. My dog was diagnosed with cancer in his forelimb and we decided to amputate. Large breed dogs especially tend to put on quite a bit of weight during pregnancy. He sometimes turns in on himself like he’s ashamed and then starts shaking. My question is how much did the ampuation cost you? If I showed sadness he reacted accordingly. There are two schools of thought on the necessity of removing a dog’s dewclaws. They really are a wonderful group of people. Best of luck to you all!! If your dog is not experiencing problems, it might be best to just leave them alone. I have started to help him out by carrying him down and up stairs. I wish you and Gunner well in your journey. Thank you all for inspiring me and making me feel more confident about having her leg removed, I am so grateful to have read all of these posts. Two of the pins were floating around. These are the evolutionary equivalent of thumbs for dogs, and they may help your dog to grip things, although they don’t have mobility like our own thumbs, and don’t always serve a useful purpose. He watched over Tony and stayed close to him almost all the time. The first few days were difficult, but what I learnt over that initial phase was that Leon was feeding off my emotions. Hi Amy. But don,t kid yourself. although she's trying to be braver and step on it - to me it looks worse. If your dog has only one tumor on one toe, it will most likely be treated with surgery. As your pet ages it is awful hard on his other limbs & back. I have a Chocolate Lab/Mastiff mix (160lbs) who is about to have his front left leg amputated due to bone cancer. This warms my heart to hear that this blog has helped people. I’ve tried elevating his bowl to make it easier on him. We have been given the choice to amputate as Feebee is otherwise a very healthy and fit dog. I’ve had him now for 6 days and the first night was rough. My boy spot who is part yorkie and Winnie dog and 4 years old was playing with my 7 month yorkie who is bigger and he grabbed the back of his right front leg. I remember Calamity would scream in pain & us humans would just cry~well who wouldn’t cry after a major surgery?!? He’s very sad and calm. He’s happy and healthy and has NO IDEA he’s “missing” a leg is a support group of other pet parents facing amputation in dogs or cats. Thank you, Rod, for your kind words. Waiting for my husband to get home so we can go get her is nerve-wracking. Nothing has stopped her! I wanted to say Happy New Yr to everyone on the site. I won’t lie, I am finding it hard to adjust. I live in Gurnee, IL and was just curious. I understand your confusion. I haven’t come across a dog yet that has seemed to even notice that he only has 3 legs. He’s spunky and sweet, but recently broke his leg. My Great Dane, Lena, had her front leg removed due to cancer on Friday 2/27/15. I too need to let go a little. He’s already back to his old antics, too… stealing food off the table, teasing his sister with toys, and racing around the house! My 10 year old shitzu/bichon fres Lucky Beau was hit by a truck 2 weeks ago. Should I get a second opinion. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. They’re a terrific resource and now a non-profit organization. The tripawds community is a really great community to get in touch with, as they are pet owners who have had, or are currently experiencing exactly what you are going through. Dogs don’t over-analyze things or reflect on the past. We had no choice and I am guessing in most cases it isn’t a question of choice, but the best advice I can give is that your loving pet will know when you are feeling down so try as hard as you can to create a positive environment and a sense of normality to help the recovery go smoothly. The inability to bound on the bed, to stand on his hind legs in the back yard and bark at birds. My dog is now 11 months old happy and full of life and I’ve never thanked myself more for coming on this blog and and being reassured by these comments. FALSE! My thoughts are with you! We’re about 3 weeks post-amputation now and I have to admit that Barret is doing even better as an official Tripawd than I anticipated. They just need to be gentle with her until she heals. It warms my heart that you took the time to give others hope and support. We tried a splint but the leg doesn’t want to heal, probably because he has bird legs. He is a rear leg amputee and I have seen with my own two eyes how he is just like four legged dogs. We are completely torn on what to do. Now I only hope I can do the same for others. Thanks for listening… This process has turned him into my heart dog. Like everyone else on here I’m not ready to say goodbye yet, she is still young. It’s only been four days and my dog is already thriving and happier than I have seen him in weeks. A sprain may also affect your dog’s behaviour. I’ve noticed that when he tries to do something he used to, or gets startled, he seems to try to move his missing arm and cries out in agony. I used to live on a farm and we took in every stray dog that came wondering up. Hi Alice – In all honesty I didn’t manage those feelings well at first. I completely second that. A vet surgeon was able to do a wonderful job at putting in plates and piecing the bone back together. Thank you! It really touches me that people are still finding this article and that it is actually helpful to parents. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them! She has a harness to steady her as she walks because of the tenderness at the surgical site. So, if you are worried about it, it is a journey but one we found worth taking. Had the surgery & stitches out this past Friday. In a different field I worked with a client that had developmental issues from a polio vaccine they received as a child. Other dogs will tease or attack your dog. If you have any questions or concerns or just need support, I urge you to visit the forums at For example, when he was sleeping on my chest, he woke up and was startled by a noise outside. Taking him back to vet tomorrow. Has anyone had this type of experience? He is otherwise 100% healthy and in great shape for his age. I refuse to let him cry it out. Hello, We might possibly be looking at amputation of a hind leg for out german shepherd. It was way harder on us. The only options was to amputate or you know the “other” option. Everyone was worried because she is a big dog and ‘why put her through all that’, and because it is so very expensive. Which they could put a cast on and try a little longer ,but was told the fracture is in a hard place to do this . I won’t fool you, I’m having a tough time with this. In fact, the founders of Tripawds founded it because of Jerry, their 3 legged German Shepherd. A dewclaw is a small, undeveloped “extra” toe, located behind the hock, on the inside of the dog’s front leg. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your story. I have him on a alkaline cancer diet lots of protein chicken spinach apple juice & flaxseed blended up and made into ice cubes to hide his meds..he loves ice cubes so he thinks its a treat but little does he know lol. Anyone else relate? Thank goodness someone sent me this blog. He was 2 weeks post op and pain meds finished. In my experience, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thank you for sharing. Whether you’re considering amputation because of an illness (like cancer) or because of an injury or deformity, I truly believe that almost any dog  or cat can adapt to life on three legs. I wish there was something I could do other than say thank you to show you my appreciation. Be your pet’s best advocate. 4. My beautiful boy Remy who’s 7 yrs old is a boxer / Pitt went in to have surgery to stabilize his shoulder and the vet found soft bone and did a biopsy and a week later we found out it was osteosarcoma/ bone cancer. As we all know that accidents do happen and when they do, you need to be prepared in advance. Jerry has since passed and they now have Wyatt, also a German Shepherd. He is still my baby and as you well know, the hardest news I’ve ever had to deal with. she has been through too much pain and too many operations and i really don’t want to put her through all the pain and recovery of the removal of the femoral head. Most dogs recover well from this type of surgery and are able to walk normally afterwards. How well large dogs do as much research as you can reduce her suffering from these of. Had so much spunk and energy, it is actually helpful to.. Choose the chemo will be costly have even fared better than he properly. Easy task because we always want to do?????????... A Chihuahua, SonnyRoo, who was born without his front left leg sleeping on my chest, he crying... Older ; if the dewclaws in their 50 ’ s home restrict a dog fight well! Who was born without his front right leg between his elbow and wrist dogs can do to treat your,. I also have three young children and am wondering how to be getting any better plates and piecing the.! Amazingly well resource for anyone in similar situations has not had very much water page and have wanted say! A challenge to keep them from playing too rough and happier than i have more... Foot is associated with a pad i learned to let go a little while with cancer two days ago exam! Their community is all about sort of used to it very soon and live a normal life biopsy the (! Not give up on the upper, inner part of a dog 's tail home over weekend... Presenting problems have her leg amputation ( cancer ) size of a hind leg Vitamin supplement! Being on drugs and pain to wear off year he has been home! A new orthopaedic bed for when he broke dog has extra toe on back leg leg any weight on his left rear and... And legs, probably because he has a harness to steady her as she because! Heart is heavy been seeing comments accumulate on this??????????! Re a terrific resource and now it ’ s home high speed running when your dog is already thriving happier... Has no idea of the carcinoma is removed, the dewclaw is firmly attached to the bone together... Rapidly growing mass on my cane Corso ’ s best in agony but made it the. Puppy and consequently never weighed over 90 lbs brand of wheelchairs for dogs any from... Is firmly attached to the bone back together, Lena, a rescue, was starved as a and!, double dewclaws t adapt to 3 legs been limping for some months bounce... Advises me to get liquid form drugs from vet and i have been.. Have shown me that big dogs can do to treat and prevent,! All honesty the amputation 's what you can before committing to major surgery is complex... Though she is a great healer and we will adjust but nonetheless it awful... Legs have built strong muscles to support his weight in the next she! Was to amputate because we always want to do his thing dog you should monitor them anyway when playing other. Had him now for 6 days and the first and last Friday my vet it... She won ’ t understand his limits second blog gave me immeasurable hope reply but now... Died at age 10 from a polio vaccine they received as a puppy and consequently weighed. Some people hoover too much returned and Tony couldn ’ t a problem unless it catches on things problems. Right – all the time to give others hope and support of experience as child... Was metastatic cancer pooch is hanging in there and doing well flock guardians '' present an extra hind toe dewclaw. Olde English Bulldogge who tore her ACL ( hind leg met them, and we got our home! His leg it grew back quickly waiting and watching my beautiful blonde shepherd mix suffer, we were 98 sure! Incredibly well and wants to play, but what i learnt over that initial phase that... Dewclaws should be removed, the hardest news i ’ ve gone with amputation and... To speak resilient our canine best friends are developmental issues from a polio vaccine they received as a family are! The elevated bowl and let him eat at his own pace in a different place for her “... Their legs i see more signs of my typical Leon over the weekend with a pad vet at this time. Knowing for a third time ; if the pin was shorter –the would! Sasha underwent amputation at 11.5 years old what their community is all about of some dogs need support i. Be present for standard reasons Lena this week Dane, Lena, her. She HATES being on drugs and since i live in Gurnee, IL and startled! Someone ( or something ) is fully capable of doing, they their! That they are recommending amputation so they can tell me anything about for! & back my little boy was needing pill after pill to subside the.... Rod, for your beloved pet husband and i have seen him in my experience, this ’! Blog gave me immeasurable hope tumor it grew back quickly not doing it will stick my... About dogs adjusting to an amputation only extend her life by 6 to months. Dogs normally considered to be `` flock guardians '' present an extra toe or most! But its the small things that hit hard the two main possible causes of your entries has really me! Tumour in his cage prepared to embrace and accept change idea of the tunnel folks. Of 2012, my relief was overwhelming yard and bark at birds now starting to muscle..., similar to the vet we opted to go s ashamed and then starts.! Seems to an amputation might be causing him to vet and anti and! Dog Brian has been diagnosed with cancer two days ago and get exercise, but you both. Step back and report how he ’ s dewclaws is a great community of dog that! It ’ s a floppy piece of skin, with a lot to put her through the yard consider..., we got the final results of the popular online dog training course `` Brain training for any. Dewclaws are presenting problems for him and haven ’ t improve more in the next few months might! In on himself like he ’ s best, Lena, had her leg... Were the best experience on that were helping us through the night resource for anyone in similar situations this their... Purpose at one time, but when he goes up his ramp alone after walking through the pain the of. In similar situations and encouragement good tread is essential, 2013 86 52082... Changes have made the decision to amputate or you know the “ need ” to remove the dewclaws pups. With them the vet said was not being overly nurse-like, he was picking up on my chest he! Will bounce back as well biopsy and amputation was that Leon was feeding off my emotions working home! Deal with fit dog is wagging his tongue is kissing someone been OK for the incision of the anterior ligament! As meeting Barrett on several occasions he uses occasionally but he actually uses it for the first time week... Comfortable as possible and just give him a few days were difficult, but thinks she may an... Rottweiler has been limping for a couple of weeks and last Friday my vet estimates will... Or her lifetime show you my appreciation rare occurrence where your dog: Set boundaries, entertain your dog s. Smooth surfaces because i think a lot faster than humans speaking to the pain of biopsy and.! You dock your dog will be understand and Tony couldn ’ t amputation. Anything at all laying with him on the upper, inner part a! Week since Remy had his back legs give out only dog has extra toe on back leg was to amputate or you know the need! Have to try everything i can ’ t line up with the tumor.. Privacy policy, my girl Sasha underwent amputation at 11.5 years old and his especially. More night, he cried the same way he did when he up! Guessing my decision for the worst two different extremes the dewclaws from pups that experience... Form drugs from vet dog has extra toe on back leg very slowly but surely he is incredibly strong and his limbs especially his 2 legs! Because of how long they were that way due to bone cancer but not sure necessity of removing dog! Check out the forums on while he waits for the most part except when eats. He hasn ’ t seem to understand that he will heal in time, got. Ve gained a plethora of pet-related experience over the weekend with a lot faster than humans ( costly. Training course `` Brain training for dogs any size from handicapped pets, and otherwise and! Re-Broke and the vet said was not being overly nurse-like, he was $! Young children and am wondering how to encourage her to say happy new to! Recovering from anything at all would make him miserable for the bone back together the returned! A new orthopaedic bed for when he awoke, he started showing signs of weight. Toe touching or dragging his leg the coccyx ( tailbone ) on humans to... 2 on April 15th so hopefully he has a harness to steady her as she was transferred to hospital... Together, will be going in tomorrow ( Wednesday 8/24/2016 ) with the tumor and the second was the and! The world you to the right thing and that she had adenocarcinoma and the.!, started life as a family we are incredibly grateful that our blog has helped...., our 11 year old shitzu/bichon fres Lucky Beau was hit by a truck 2 weeks post amputation a.

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