Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on Norwegian Fjord Horse Links If you like what you see from Shota Fjords, Here are some other sites you might want to check out! That is bone jarring. Katherine has had mares since 1974 and has bred several over the years (Arabians, Paint stock, Fjords, Friesian). Looking for that quality home for your beloved fjord? They were used to pull Viking ships up the Fjords of Norway and also taken on the ships to be ridden by the Viking warriors in battle. They are not know for a smooth gait, in fact DO NOT get them into a trot. Most of the fields accept partial input (for example, part of a horse's name). Striving for outstanding temperament, movement and breed character! The Norwegian Fjord Horse comes in a variety of sizes, from the lighter type used for saddle, carriage, or pleasure to the heavier draft type used for plowing, discing, skidding, and other farm work. Fjordies are such well tempered horses. Training. Olivia Farm Norwegian Fjord Horses. The owners are Marsha Korose and Curt Pierce. Sure footed, calm and laid back, these Norwegian Fjord horses are just plain fun. Norwegian Fjord Horses. For over twenty years we have owned and produced Norwegian Fjord Horses that have won top honors in ADS (American Driving Society), USDF (United States Dressage Federation) and Fjord breed shows. The results will appear below (you may have to scroll). Green Valley Farm is a well known Norwegian Fjord Horse farm, located in northwestern Illinois (USA), in the beautiful town of Galena. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on by OFI Siljar out of Aroy Eimina by Ronnjo. They are not know for a smooth gait, in fact DO NOT get them into a trot. 818 likes. Rock River Farm, North Sultan, Washington. Evaluated high red 78 at 7 years old. Discover Fjord Horses for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. We are currently accepting a limited number of horses for training or sale and are standing the exceptional OFI Federico at stud starting in 2016. Rock River Farm raises, trains, and breeds Norwegian Fjord Horses, heritage chickens for meat & eggs, … That is bone jarring. The FJORD HERALD and the NORWEGIAN FJORD HORSE REGISTRY make no implication as to the registerability of horses sold by breeders listed in this FARM DIRECTORY. Fjords generally range in size from 13 to 14.2 hands and weigh between 900 and 1200 lbs. They are a strong and agile breed. The Fjord is renowned for its extraordinary calm and even temper and consequently it can be handled by almost any member of the family, making it the ideal family horse of today. We imported several fjords from Germany in 2009, two pramienstute mares in foal in 2016, and now again, in 2019 we have several on the way! They are all dun colored with 5 variations: brown, red, grey, white and yellow. Bellingham, WA (PRWEB) December 22, 2009 Kleng, an 18-year-old Norwegian Fjord horse who has carried hundreds of disabled riders on his strong back over the years at the NorthWest Therapeutic Riding Center (NWTRC) outside Bellingham, Washington, won the 2009 Equine of the Year Award, presented in Fort Worth, Texas, by the NARHA, a national association of equine assisted … We also offer English riding lessons and private boarding. Fjordies are such well tempered horses. Dungård, Valley, Washington. Join millions of people using Oodle to find horses for sale, horse listings, and other animals for sale. 1DR FJORDS Striving to help you experience the wonder (1dr) and intrigue of the Fjord breed for the past 29 years. It’s a great project and we … The Norwegian Fjords are one of the world's oldest and purest breeds. Learn more about our Norwegian Fjord Horses . FOR SALE - Seattle, WA 2 - Gizmo is a registered 12 year old Norwegian Fjord standing about 14.3 hands, and about 1000lbs. Find Norwegian Fjords for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Classified listings of Fjord Horses for Sale Roslyn, Rosly, Shelburne Falls & Other Cities ... "Britt" is a ten year old Norwegian Fjord horse mare. As a result, we have experienced steady growth in Alatheia’s programs over the years and now serve 100 riders each week and now have 12 Norwegian Fjord Horses, five part time instructors and nearly 100 volunteers. Sold 2014. The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the world’s oldest and purest horse breeds. Breeding top quality, family oriented Fjords. By the time our foals leave our farm they know how to clip, load, tie, lead and are used to disturbances such as dogs, deer, tractors, trucks and waving flags. 338 likes. Horses for Sale - Fjords in Washington 1 - 7 of 7. Nov 20, 2013 - The largest concentration of only Norwegian Fjord horses for sale from across the country are all located on this site! It is believed that the original Fjords migrated to Norway and was domesticated over 4,000 years ago. Fall City, Washington. Shota Fjords horses also have the best of the Norwegian Fjord blood lines from North America and Norway to produce a correct big moving horse with class and style. Fjords have been shown to excel in many disciplines of riding including Western, English, Dressage, and … The demand for alternative therapies for people with special needs in North Central Washington is high and largely unmet. Thu., Jan. 17, 2008. With less than 100 foals currently registered through the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR) * in 2016, the population of this great horse is at stake! Being in NW Washington state makes us also one of the closest breeders to Alaska and British Columbia, Canada. A must do for any visitor in the valley. Norwegian Fjord Horses: Built for Performance and Bred to Last We started our breeding program with Warmbloods but after finding my first fjord gelding as a "fun horse" I was hooked. The Fjord horse is one of the world’s oldest breeds and is a small and light draught horse used in the mountainous regions of Norway as a farm horse. From the stable of Eric Watness two beautiful Norwegian Fjords Horses helping out NW Carriage Museum in Raymond, WA, Discover Fjord Horses for sale in Washington on America's biggest equine marketplace. by OFI Siljar out of DC Lyla by Prydarson. We specialize in breeding, showing, training and selling Norwegian Fjord horses. DDungård, LLC is a Norwegian Fjord Horse breeding and training farm located in Valley, Washington. Brockamp Pads; Fjords for Sale "DIF Hvite Diamanter" white dun colt. LHF Jasmine "Me-Neh" dob 5/25/2001 DNA Microchipped NFHR Reg VC-O-2050-M Brown Dun, Carries a red recessive gene.Njal markings. Ironwood Farm in Culpeper County has the largest Norwegian Fjord Horse farm in Virginia and was featured on Saturday’s Harvest Days Farm Tour. Norwegian Fjord Horses are one of the world's oldest recognized breeds. Reviewed October 15, 2013 . The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds. Used on hillside farms in western Norway for centuries, this agile, surefooted horse is a trusted worker and family member. Warren Riddle drives a sleigh pulled by Ridder and Oslo at Teddy Bear Fjords … Fall City, Washington. Owner/Operator Solveig Pedersen. News > Voices Gentle Norwegian Fjord workhorses grace farm near Mount Spokane. Once you've filled in the desired criteria, click the Begin Search button to find all matching horses. The Norwegian Fjord horse was domesticated in Norway over 2,000 years ago. Email us. We need to put reputable, quality foals on the ground and move them out into the world. Herds of wild Fjord horses existed in Norway after the last ice age. Sire - Marnix (Holland import) Dam-PenFrydd's Oksana (sire Konggard, Dam Freya l - both Holland imports) Fill in the search criteria that interest you and leave the rest blank. Reviewed 16 October 2013 . 1: For Sale . 254 111. A clear view of one of the more striking features of the Norwegian Fjord Horse, its distinctive upright mane, cut to enhance the darker center stripe. 254 111. We stand the Fjord stallion, Ironwood Blitzen, S1, G1, V, E. We are the largest Fjord farm in Virginia with approximately 12 -15 Fjords on the farm at any given time. Horses were known to exist in Norway at the end of the last ice age. $6,500 . The original Fjord Horse was domesticated over 4,000 years ago. Standing Norwegian import, white dun Skogheims Viljar, and WHR Freyr to registered Norwegian Fjord Mares. ... Clayton, WA … Deep Creek Farm is dedicated to breeding and showing quality Norwegian Fjord horses, Icelandic Horses. Deep Creek Farm stands an outstanding and accomplished Norwegian Fjord Stallion and occasionally has Fjord and/or Icelandic horses for sale. She is now showing dressage in WA with an adult amateur. Origins: The Fjord horse is one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds. A must do for any visitor in the valley. Born June 25, 2020. Located at Dun In Farm in Capac, MI "DIF Eleganse" brown dun filly. 2008 imported as a filly this Norwegian Fjord mare was evaluated as a pramienfohlen and intended for our breeding program but due to registration regulation changes she was too closely related to our own stallions or other outside stallions that fit our program at the time. Rock River Bjorn (Teddy) Rainier, Washington 98576 USA 2018 Other Fjord Gelding 2018 Fjord Gelding … $5,500 For Sale Horse ID: 2188528. Possessing a charming, gentle disposition and a curious, active character, the Fjord horse is long lived, agile, surefooted and willing to perform a variety of tasks. Sure footed, calm and laid back, these Norwegian Fjord horses are just plain fun. Norwegian Fjords, first domesticated and used by the Vikings, are a small, but athletic breed, with outstanding temperament and versatility, capable of being used for tasks as varied as land plowing, competitive carriage driving, jumping and dressage. Jerry Married into the horses in 1988 and loves them. Fjords played an important part in the farming of the mountain meadows as well as herding sheep and goats. Add your Norwegian Fjord horse for sale today-FREE with photo!