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Your Satisfaction is Key to Our Success

Leads and referrals from our satisfied customers are very important to us. Happy customers are the main reason for our success. We offer personalized service, customized to your needs.

Our Eyes and Ears are on the field

We are headquartered in South Florida, where we count on a vast network of contacts in the local civilian and law enforcement community and are up to date with the latest local trends and events.

Professional and Courteous Staff

Our trained and experienced staff is always ready and alert, safeguarging your business and residential assets. We aim to prevent trouble before it happens.

Flexible Security Solutions

From secured access control and reception to foot patrol of building and construction sites to an entire team of security officers, I Am Security will be there for you. Providing an efficient, reliable, and well-trained force, you can depend on I Am Security to deliver the protection your business requires.

Armed & Unarmed Security

Depending on your needs, we provide licensed armed or unarmed guards to secure your facility.

Residential Security

I Am Security will monitor and protect your home or business around the clock!

Retail/Warehouse Security

Whether it is video monitoring or uniformed guard patrols, I Am Security got you covered with a comprehensive approach combining the latest technology and expertise. 

Mobile Patrol

Our uniformed security staff will patrol your home or business around the clock to ensure your property perimeter is secured.


I Am Security has the right type of staff to provide concierge security tailored to your needs.

Special Event Security

Any type of event today requires some level of security to safeguard against the unexpected. You can count on I Am Security to provide trained staff to secure your next event in a courteous and assertive way.

Construction Sites

Get our site security for your project so you can focus on a successful finish within budget.

Security Systems

We provide a variety of options to best suit your security needs, from camera monitoring to alarms and detection devices that are simple to manage and upkeep.

Fire Watch Services

Our guards will familiarize themselves with your facility and continuously patrol the entire premises for the purpose of detecting fires and transmitting an immediate alarm to the Fire department and the building occupants.

Why Choose I Am Security?

Fundamentally, I Am Security has direct connections to the local community, both civilian and law-enforcement. We basically "know our turf" better than anyone. We are better positioned than any outside or local competitor in providing the most effective security and protection solution for your business or residence based on our human intelligence and deployed resources on the field.

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